Dried apple slices

Some homegrown apples just won’t last for long due worms or little decay. We sort these and use it for drying. All you need is food dehydrator or build one yourself.

Wash apples, cut it in half and cut out any decay or parts affected by insects or worms. Cut it to slices and put it in dehydrator. Check them regularly and change plates, so all apples will be dried equally. Our dehydrator takes around a day to dry it completely. We do not add any preservatives or additives, it is unnecessary. Just put it in clean airtight glass and store it in dark place.

You can use dried fruits on cereals, with yoghurt, on salad or baking. You can take some with you and eat it as snack. It will boost you with energy

We dried also pears, nectarines, plums and goji berries, …

Get some more info about dried fruits on Wikipedia.

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