Pickling cabbage

We had a lot of cabbage this year. To store it for the winter, we pickle it. It’s really simple to pickle cabbage. You need large grater, salt, whole pepper and cumin.

First remove exterior leaves and use grater to slice it in thin slices. Add from 150 to 200g of salt, whole pepper and a pinch of cumin to every 10kg of cabbage. My mother adds also some sliced quince for better taste (also piece of horseradish, apple, grapes, paprika…). Mix it well and put it in the container and squeeze it tight to bottom. When the container is full, put some weight on it and close it air tight. You can use special container for pickling cabbage as we do or any other. You can put weight and close it tightly in one step with large plastic bag, filled with water. Store it between 12 and 18°C for 2-5 weeks.

Some info about cabbagenutrition and pickling.

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